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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sharene, a Novel by Rocky Wilson

By Rocky Wilson
Author of Sharene:
Death: A Prerequisite For Life

Sharene, a Novel by Rocky Wilson

Sharene Death: A Prerequisite for Life, is a new novel written by Rocky Wilson, who authors all the written text on

Wilson’s parents were a history teacher, hence his interest in writing this blog, and an English teacher who directed him along a path toward the publication of Sharene and two additional novels he has written and plans to publish in 2009.

Most of his adult life has seen Wilson employed as a journalist, including half ownership of a weekly newspaper in Oregon. He also has enjoyed years spent working as a maintenance gardener.

Sharene, written over the course of two decades, has been categorized as a “Christian thriller” by its publishing company, and covers a few years in the life of Sharene Marsena. Sharene is a beautiful high school, then college student from Alabama who’s tossed from innocence into a life of pain, love, and international intrigue before she dies at an early age.

A rough outline of events in Sharene Death: A Prerequisite for Life includes:

* Sharene’s funeral in Alabama, 1981

* An introduction to the good vs. evil elements in the novel, aka Christ and Satan

* Young, innocent love and godly intervention when one main character, boyfriend Jordan Norton, could have died

* Sharene visits her grandmother in South Carolina

* Sharene is raped and infected with a new, incurable disease

* Sharene faces her rapist in a courtroom

* The ever-present love and counseling from Pastor Dale Hemri

* Sharene refuses to tell Jordon of her plight or let him be part of her life

* Sharene attends junior college in Georgia

* Sharene becomes enamored with the novel’s most complex character, Sherm Purcell

* Purcell, working with a drug and munitions operative in Colombia, tries to lure Sharene to Colombia where the drug lord’s girlfriend is a look-alike to Sharene

* the CIA gets involved

* Sharene goes to Paraguay for two weeks of intensive training

* Sharene becomes a substitute in the drug lord’s compound for his abducted girlfriend

* Purcell helps Sharene in the compound and becomes both “emotionally involved” and intrigued by her Christian beliefs

* Satan, fearing Sharene will escape according to God’s plan, not his, materials as a radiant prince and offers Sharene the world

* The conclusion

The novel was written in hopes of appealing to a wider audience than most “Christian” books because of its fast-paced intensity and willingness to tackle, head on, such topics as rape and A.I.D.S. which often are downplayed or ignored by many Christian writers. Still, the presence of good and evil, as the author sees in existence around him every day, are present on nearly every page.

Sharene Death: A Prerequisite for Life, by Rocky Wilson, will be available at beginning in mid-February, 2009.

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