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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Historical Facts About the Nation of Kazakhstan

The nation of Kazakhstan is located in north-central Asia, includes nearly four times the land mass of the state of Texas, and achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Although this large expanse of land directly south of Russia has been populated to some extent as far back as the Stone Age, there were a number of unassociated nomadic tribes who occupied the land for about 900 years before they were conquered and put under the rule of Mongols in the early 13th century.

From 1465 until 1731 a loosely governed state called the Kazakh Khanate ruled what’s now Kazakhstan. But that body, hit by political disunity and tribal competition, gradually eroded away and was annexed by Russia. Rich in natural resources, Kazakhstan became a Soviet Republic in 1936.

Bullets about Kazakhstan include:

* Early 1600s Kazakh Khanate separates into three major hordes, or confederations, based on extended family networks

* 1730s, 1740s Two hordes sign treaties of protection with Russia

* 1731-1840 Russia promotes colonization in what’s now Kazakhstan, gains control of two hordes it’s protecting

* 1860 Russia seizes land of third, largest horde

* 1916 Kazakhs, unhappy with Russia’s interference with their nomadic lifestyle, heavy taxes, and military conscription, stage unsuccessful revolt

* 1917 80,000 Kazakhs slaughtered by colonists when returning home following revolt

* 1921-1922 One million Kazakhs die from famine

* 1925 Named Kazakh Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Kazakh ASSR)

* 1953 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev initiates “Virgin Land” program to change northern pasturelands in Kazakhstan into grain-producing area

* December 16, 1991 Independence Day for Kazakhstan

Because of those years when what’s become the nation of Kazakhstan was colonized by the Soviets, native Kazakhs, many with Turkish roots, have a scant majority among the nation’s populace.

By Rocky Wilson
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