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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Towns and Churches

by Rocky Wilson

Small towns and churches can have a lot in common. The social benefits of interacting with friends and peers from each environment have the potential to bond people together like nothing else.

Whether individuals are uniting their energies to develop a better small-school football team or cheerleading squad, or maybe playing drums to back up the church worship team, the received positive benefits can be awesome.

Possibly the key to whether small town and church experiences are pleasurable, certainly not givens, is one’s attitude. If you believe each day is an opportunity to share your best with the world, it will happen in small towns, churches, and elsewhere. If your thoughts are self-centered, long-lasting hope may be paled by a bleak future.

Ways to enhance a small-town experience:

* Smile

* Don’t be hesitant to express interest in the lives of others

* Honor, with discernment, thoughts spoken for your ears

* Avoid spreading gossip

* Practice godly love to the unlovable

Ways to enhance your church experience:

* Know your Bible, and practice its precepts

* Volunteer

* Let others know you care about them, their families, and their interests

* Be kind and gentle, yet strong in faith

* Pray, pray, pray

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